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Purebred Registered Texels - Breeding stock that works as hard as you do!

Our goal for over 20 years has been to increase our customers' profits through the promotion of our proven performance recorded, health certified, and uniform sheep breeding stock. The recent addition of genetic markers identifying economic performance indicators, demonstrates our further commitment to genetic improvement. 

The Texel as a terminal sire breed is sweeping the country.  Texel cross lambs are early finishing so producers can take advantage of premium markets.  They have excellent feed conversion rates and high dressing out percentages of the carcasses.  Texel carcasses are leaner meeting modern consumer demands.  Across Canada, Texels and Texel cross lambs are consistently winning market lamb and carcass competitions, also commanding top dollar on the rail. Texel sired lambs are born with ease, are very lively, and have tremendous vigour, developing quickly to reach market at a young age.

In November 2000, John and Eadie implanted ewes with Texel embryos in an effort to provide health matched terminal sires for complete commercial breeding stock packages. To add to this flock, they also purchased 127 Texel embryos from New Zealand. We have also used selected semen from performance recorded flocks from Holland and Great Britain. The flocks current size is 200 ewes, all GENOVIS performance recorded, raising their lambs on pasture only.

All weights and scanning results are recorded on the Ontario Sheep Flock Improvement Program. The Ultrasound Backfat scanning is done at the third lumbar vertebrae (base of the last rib). These figures are then submitted to GENOVIS for genetic evaluation. Only our top 15 yearling rams are offered for sale each year.

BREAKING NEWS FOR COMMERCIAL PRODUCERS Of the top 5 improver rams listed on the Genovis site, 4 have been sired by Shepherd's Choice Texel rams. Click here to view the report.





Imported Semen from New Zealand

Blackdale 447/03 - Twin

Ranked in the top 1% over all New Zealand Texels

for overall Terminal Sire traits

based on 1500 progeny records

Ranked MyoMax GOLD for muscling gene



Blackdale 122/05 - Triplet

Ranked in the top 10% over all New Zealand Texels

for overall Terminal Sire traits

based on 930 progeny records

Ranked MyoMax GOLD for muscling gene

What is the MyoMax gene? Click here

Yearling rams from these top sires are now available. All are DNA tested Myomax GOLD for muscling

What's New? - In the fall of 2010 and 2012, we performed Artificial Insemination on the Texel flock with genetics from New Zealand.  We have selected top performance recorded sires from NZ flocks pictured above.

Yearling Sons of New Zealand Sires are now available for sale


International customers please note:

Export prices will be negotiated on an individual basis. Extra charges will apply for export quarantine, blood tests (specific to your country's import requirements) and extra administration and transportation costs associated with export certificates.

texel rams texel ram
MyoMax Certificate TXLL 812Y
Texel rams

Yearling Sons of New Zealand Sires -

Now available for sale

yearling rams

Breeding Stock that works as hard as you do!


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