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Permanent Full Time Job Opportunity

We annually require at three young shepherds to join our team

for a 2 year contract under the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Please send your CV/resume to our email - click here

Rate of pay is dependent upon your experience and skill level. Pay includes single shared accommodation, cell phone, high speed internet, satellite tv, and some personal use of the farm vehicles. Applicant must have a clean driving record. Also included is workplace health insurance and one return flight ticket from/to your home country.

Our farm is conveniently located in Central Ontario approximately 1.5 hours drive from Toronto. Our previous employees have enjoyed local football, rugby and YFC clubs. More information regarding our local area can be found at the bottom of this page.

Job Description

You will assist in the day to day operation of the sheep flock along with other seasonal farm tasks.

Working Conditions and Duties
Predominately out doors in all kinds of weather.  This is a family operation currently with three full-time employees and this is a non smoking environment.  The farm land base is split into several different land parcels.  The work can be physically challenging.  This is an operation where there is a requirement for team members to practice continual learning and the ability to adapt to change is important. Your input will be valued in the decision making process.

1.  Seasonal grazing management using intensive rotational grazing systems. Comprehension of pasture feed budgeting.  Moving sheep to new pastures on a regular basis, and supplementary feeding if necessary with ATV and snacka feeder. Maintain pasture water supply system and electric fences through regular repairs.

2.  Day to day monitoring of the health of the animals. Ability to recognize common ailments such as lameness, mastitis, listeriosis, pregnancy toxemia, acidosis, urinary calculi, cocciddiosis, internal parasites, cervical and uterine prolapses.  Monitor the body condition of the ewe flock, using standard body condition scoring, to achieve optimum body condition prior to mating and lambing. During lambing season, identify common birthing mal-presentations and be able to independently assist in the successful delivery. Recognize starvation and hypothermia in new born lambs, and be able to provide corrective actions. Be able to perform a number of fostering techniques for orphaned lambs.  Deliver preventative medication by injection, oral drench as instructed by farm manager monitor the accurate calibration of delivery equipment to ensure the correct dosage for appropriate class of animal.

3.  Equipment Operation  Proficient ATV operator.  Suitable skill level with large loader tractors to remove manure from barns, move round bales, fill feed wagon, pack feed in silage storage bunks and clear snow. Other general tractor duties to include pulling of wagons, mowing and raking hay and manure and fertilizer spreading.  Basic maintenance of this equipment is required.  General building repairs and cleaning and disinfecting of equipment.

4.  Predation Control Management  Timely deadstock removal and disposal.  Care, feeding and general health monitoring of Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Ability to construct permanent hi-tensile page-wire and electric fencing, move temporary electric fencing, plus fault finding and maintenance on electric fence lines. 

5.  Flock Feeding  Competent to deliver correct feed rations to animals in various stages of production, when in winter housing, using tractors and a variety of mechanical feeding equipment as instructed by farm manager.  Responsible for routine maintenance of feeding equipment.

6.  Shearing - Assist the contract shearers with filling pens, packing wool bags and sorting fleeces. Dependant on your skill level - shearing and crutching duties would be an asset.

Job Competencies

Be able to interpret animal behavior. Move large and small groups of animals , with the assistance of trained Border Collies (where appropriate), in a controlled manner, without undue stress to the animals. 

Attention to detail.  Assist the farm manager with the accurate collection of flock data inventory, (births, deaths, disposals) along with mating, health and production details on a computerized system. Correctly identify lambs shortly after birth by tag or tattoo, and apply tailing bands.  Weighing of lambs at 50 and 100 days of age for performance recording.  Weighing and body conditioning of lambs for sale.

Additional Optional Assets
Ability to train Border Collies as working sheep dogs
Hunting and trapping skills would be helpful for predation control.




Ultrasound pregnancy scanning
Every other day confinement feeding and bedding
Main flock is kept outside and fed daily
Shear, vaccinate and worm elite ewe flock which is due to lamb in April   


Daily winter feeding routine of haylage & corn sileage - mechanized
Erect new fencing if needed
Check and repair electric fences before May turnout to pasture
Predator Control
Lambing of purebred Texels and elite Maternal Composite flock (600 elite composites and 200 purebred Texels) - Texel flock is under review
Field work - planting new pastures


One month of barn lambing approx. 400 ewes carrying triplets
Balance of 1500 ewes to be pasture lambed
Turnout ewes with triplets and April born lambs to pasture.
Rotational grazing (move groups of sheep every 3-4 days)
Daily checking of lactating ewes with ATV and dogs
Planting new pastures (no-till drill) - also small grains
Assist custom operators with spreading fertilizer and planting corn (maize)


Rotational grazing - move and repair temporary electric fences
Pressure wash lamb feedlot barn
Docking lambs, worming, tagging, vaccinating and 50 day weights
1st cut hay 5x4 round bales. (Mowing, raking and drawing)


Rotational grazing - moving temporary electric fences.
2nd cut hay (or baleage) 4x4 round bales (mowing, raking and drawing wagons)
Greenhouse maintenance - green house structures are used for flock housing in winter
Weaning lambs
Assist contract shearers with shearing- packing wool bags, filling shearing pens etc.


Rotational grazing - moving temporary electric fences
Sort through weaned ewes for culls
Weigh lambs for 100 day weights and wean
Assist farm manager with selection of replacement flock sires


Harvest Corn (maize) silage (packing bunk) (2 days)
Rotational grazing for dry ewes
Clean manure out of greenhouses using loader tractors


Assist custom operators spreading manure
Pre-winter maintenance of equipment and buildings
Weighing and sorting of meat lambs prior to shipment
Assist farm manager with selection of replacement ewe lambs
Weighing and sorting of ewe lamb breeding stock for sale


Assist the farm manager with the sorting of Maternal Composite ewes and purebred Texel ewes into mating groups           
Start winter feeding for most of the flock, open bunk silos
Pre-winter preparations - snow fence, construct winter feeding paddocks, draining water lines, maintenance and storage of equipment etc
Weighing, sorting and shipping of finished meat lambs and breeding stock for sale


Assist farm manager with joining rams into commercial flock for breeding
Every other day confinement feeding and bedding of the housed flock
Snow clearing and sand/salt spreading as required throughout winter months
Weighing, sorting and shipping of finished meat lambs and breeding stock sales       


Every other day confinement feeding and bedding
Assist farm manager with the tatooing of replacement ewe lambs
Weighing, sorting and shipping of finished meatlambs
Assist the flock veterinarian with the vasectomization of ram lambs
Remove rams from breeding groups
Assist farm manager with year end inventory
Perform general farm machinery maintenance


Every other day confinement feeding and bedding
Predator control
Weighing, sorting and shipping of finished meat lambs


Routine equipment maintenance and servicing
Routine electric fence maintenance
Able to work independently or with other current staff members
Responsible for daily care of Livestock Guardian Dogs

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