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Maternal Composite Ewe Flock - Breeding Stock that works as hard as you do!

Due to unprecidented demand, the 2018 lamb crop is now sold out. We are reviewing pricing for the 2019 ewe lamb crop.

Our goal for over 20 years has been to increase our customers' profits through the promotion of our proven performance recorded, health certified, and uniform sheep breeding stock. The recent addition of genetic markers identifying economic performance indicators, demonstrates our further commitment to genetic improvement. We annually produce and sell over 1,500 breeding ewes and over 30 breeding rams endorsed by our satisfied customers nationwide.

Genetics - Our maternal line flock is a stabilized commercial crossbred originally sourced from the high-health facility at the University of Guelph in 1998. We keep track of 12 different ram family lines and 600 of the elite flock ewes are GENOVIS performance recorded. The data is collected using RFID radio frequency identification technology.  All of this information is quickly accessible on the farm computer using the Ewebyte computer program.  All flock production data is regularly submitted to the GENOVIS Program.

We sell females as lambs in October and November at 5 - 6 months of age. Because of the demand for breeding stock, we don't sell mature ewes or bred ewes. Ewe lambs will be well grown and ready to breed to the ram of your choice in December so that they will lamb in May at one year of age.

*NEW* 2017 Prices - Transportation is to be arranged and paid for by the buyer. We must ask for a 10% non refundable deposit to hold your order. Please place your orders early to avoid disappointment.

groups of 1 to 50 $310 each

groups of 51to 99 $295 each

groups over 100 $275 each

Repeat customers, regardless of the size of order, will always be charged the 100 + preferred rate.

2010 ewe with triplets


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Genetics from these imported rams will be available in 2014

Twin Farm TEFRom 4474.1699/07 - Currently ranked FIRST for Reproduction across all breeds in New Zealand based on 732 progeny records. Born Twin and also carries the MyoMax Gold genetics.

Twin Farm TEFRom 4474.807/07 - Currently ranked FIRST across all breeds in New Zealand for Dual Purpose traits and in the top 10% for Worm Resistance based on 628 progeny records. Born Twin and also carries the MyoMax Gold genetics

Twin Farm TEFRom 4474.1509/08 - Born Twin and carries the MyoMax Gold genetics.

Woodlands Coopworth 2638.1429/08 - Born Triplet. Ranked in the top 5% across all breeds in New Zealand for Reproduction and in the top 10% for Worm Resistance.

Woodlands Coopworth 2638.1392/05 - Born Triplet - Ranked in the top 5% across all breeds in New Zealand for Reproduction and in the top 10% for Worm Resistance


What's New? - In the fall of 2010 and 2012, and 2014, we performed Artificial Insemination on the maternal line flock with genetics from New Zealand. We have selected performance recorded sires from NZ flocks that have been genetically selected as demonstrating resistance to pasture parasites.


pasture lambs


Since our move to Annual Spring Lambing on pasture, we have placed greater emphasis on parasitic worm control in our flock. A recent University of Guelph study found that numerous flocks in Ontario demonstrate some form of anthelmetic resistant parasites. Our current parasite control strategy is to rotate between the three families of anthelmetics and to selectively breed for those animals that demonstrate that they have some resistance to pasture worms. Our breeding program was jump started by the importation of TEFRom and Coopworth genetics from New Zealand. For almost 20 years, these New Zealand flocks have been performing feacal egg counts on their lambs and with the help of WormFEC, they have selected the progeny of rams that demonstrate the greatest resistance to parasitic worms. The selection objective of WormFEC service is high producing animals which are also resistant to parasite establishment.

Click on TEFRom and WormFEC above to learn more.

ewe lambs


ewe with triplets

ewe lambs
ewe lambs


ewe lambs
ewe lambs
ewe lambs
ewe lambs
ewe lambs
ewe lambs
ewe lambs
Breeding Stock that works as hard as you do!
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