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Flock Health Status

Our goal for over 20 years has been to increase our customers' profits through the promotion of our proven performance recorded, health certified, and uniform sheep breeding stock. The recent addition of genetic markers identifying economic performance indicators, demonstrates our further commitment to genetic improvement. 

Strict biosecurity measures and regular vet checks ensure the health status of our ewes.  Our strictly closed flock is routinely wormed and vaccinated for clostridial diseases.  New genetics are introduced through embryo transfer and artificial insemination in our on-farm surgery.  Our flock has been participating in the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency's Flock Health Program since 1999.  We continue to have excellent biosecurity scores and have attained "A" status on the Ontario Maedi Visna Flock Status Program.  We use blood testing and vet monitoring to verify that our flock is free of the following diseases.

Q-fever - Chlamydia Abortion - Contagious Foot Rot - Johnes Disease - Caseous Lymphadenitis - Maedi Visna - Scrapie

Regarding Scrapie - We participated in the Volunteer Scrapie Certification program from May 2005 to June 2009 and during that time we had 226 negative scrapie tests and no positives.  Our flock has been completely closed since 1998.  Once an animal leaves our farm, it is not permitted to return for any reason. New genetics are brought in only through AI or Embryo transfer.  To aid in possible future export opportunities, we have recently instituted a policy of using only RR or QR rams in our flock.
We started sampling for Q-fever in September 2005.  These were random samplings of mixed ages, tested throughout the year.  In the past 8 years we have had 835 negative samples.

2010 ewe with triplets



What's New?

In the fall of 2010 and 2012, we performed Artificial Insemination on the maternal line flock with genetics from New Zealand.  We have selected performance recorded sires from NZ flocks that have been genetically selected as demonstrating resistance to pasture worms.

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